Sculpture of Marx & Engels photo attribution: Wikimedia Commons

Marx & Engels didN’t talk of the Life Philosophy of communists. Nevertheless, a sensible guy without a sensible life philosophy is unthinkable. And communists are the Most sensible guys. Therefore, a communist must have the Most sensible life philosophy. Nevertheless, the most unpleasant Truth is to date I haveN’t known…

One man’s good is another’s evil

Milton Friedman

A most intriguing, wise observation by Milton Friedman: ‘ one man’s good is an[o]ther’s evil. ‘ He based on it a queer thesis of his: ‘ In a free society, he reasons, ‘ it is hard for “good” people to do “good,” but that…

Prakash Ranjan Paul

A humble seeker after the Truth, I'm also the originator of the Principle of Healthy & Meaningful Living, the Life Philosophy of every civilised human.

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